Blockchain. Crypto. Data privacy. It’s in. In a landscape where data is an economy and those regulating its use don’t understand it, Tide is called for.

Tide uses blockchain and cryptocurrency to give control of personal data back to the consumer, without the Anonymous-esque approach others have gone down, and without excluding business and media in the equation.

Emerging in a largely unregulated industry with technology foreign to the masses, we wanted Tide’s visual identity and communication to be more mainstream, and less ‘Matrix’. This is reflected in a clean line illustration style, the use cases explaining how it works, to a familiar but relevant quirk in their well-received business card.

“The business card (which there was some scepticism from some people internally initially) was a big hit – which for an ‘obsolete’ form of communication is really saying something. We had the EU privacy commissioner asking for two copies of the card so that he could scratch one and show other people the original. I lost count of how many people told me that it’s the best card they’ve ever seen.”

Michael Loewy
Co-founder on Tide’s impact at SXSW 2019

2018  Making data control less 'Matrix' and more mainstream  Work  Brand identity & website UX/UI  Made at  Universal Favourite  With  Animation by Never Sit Still