Visiting an auto technician and understanding what’s wrong with your car can feel like a foreign language. ‘Autotranslate’ is a web app created in conjunction with mycar technicians as part of a campaign to explain car language in a way that’s easier to understand. It does this by using simple analogies to explain car terms that are often unfamiliar.

mirroring existing patterns
With rigid budget and time constraints, I looked at the existing patterns of products with the same input functions, like Google Translate, as reference in in mapping out and the flow to facilitate discussion and creating a rapid prototype for testing.

Lean user testing was conducted with available people who fit mycar’s broad target. Notably, whether having the ‘text’, ‘voice’ and ‘media’ upload input as separate buttons, or with text and voice combined, was a point of friction between creative and UX. User testing confirmed the latter triggered a faster response time, being a familiar pattern seen in other products already on market.

2023  Crafting a familiar experience for unfamiliar terms  Work  UX, UI and iconography  Made at  TBWA  With  Creative by Simon Hayes & Lewis Aramayo; Code by Fewd; Produced by Nev Gotla