feb 28: ‘Neglected’ democracy vulnerable to authoritarian rule in era of disinformation, Labor’s Tim Watts says ↝ 
feb 25: Dutton says 'leftwing lunatics' must be dealt with as Asio warns of far-right threat ↝ 💩🤥

*Dutton told the ABC: “You can use leftwing to describe everybody from the left to the right”. Potatohead can’t tell left from right 🔗, says he means ‘Islamic terrorists’ 🔗 when he says ‘leftwing’. 

feb 20: Morrison avoiding 2050 target 'doesn't make sense': [Atlassian’s] Cannon-Brookes ↝ 

*Because “tech investment” 🔗 is what one says when one has no goals and no plans to curb emissions.

feb 15: Ex-coal lobbyist urges Australian government to ditch coal ↝
feb 13: NSW Police set quota for 241,000 personal searches and strip searches in 12 months, documents reveal ↝ 👮🏻‍♂️

*Police watchdog was let go during strip-search enquiry 🔗 with 88% of searches finding nothing 🔗.

feb 13: Hundreds of sports projects were ineligible, says Auditor-General ↝ 💰

Emails reveal Morrison office’s role 🔗 in $100 million sports grants program where more than 40% of grants were ineligible 🔗. Not the only rort to buy Coalition ‘miracle’ election win 🔗

Feb 8: Big polluters again allowed to lift emissions without penalty ↝ 💩💰
feb 7: Web browsing histories are being given to Australian police under data retention powers ↝ 👮🏻‍♂️

*Dinosaurs bullshitting their way 🔗 through tech they don’t understand and abuse as expected 🔗.

feb 6: 'You can give $13,000 to a political party every day and they don't have to declare it': Jacqui Lambie ↝ 💰

*Example of what a donation buys you 🔗.

feb 6: Sharp jump in electric vehicle sales underscores 'untapped potential'

*Remember the ‘end your weekend’ scare campaign against Labor 🔗 the Coalition went on about electric cars just because that’s their only offense strategy even though they know it’s bullshit 🔗 and contradict themselves 🔗 anyway?

feb 4: Elon Musk's SpaceX clears first hurdle to Australian broadband market ↝

*When Kenya ranks higher than Australia in internet speed 🔗 and corrupt politicians Abbot successfully destroyed the Rudd’s attempt to advance our internet 🔗, ordering Turnbull to demolish the NBN 🔗 it to appease their friends ie. Foxtel complaints, fearing faster internet means streaming services will take over their prehistoric satellite TV. As it should really, evolve or die. 

feb 4: 'Australia's largest unsanctioned art show': guerrilla bushfire campaign hijacks bus shelters ↝
feb 4: Michael McCormack defeats Barnaby Joyce in Nationals leadership spill as Parliament returns to honour bushfire victims ↝ 💩
feb 4: 'I'm not relying on evidence' for climate change: Jim Molan ↝ 💩

*This is just one example why ministers are banned from Q&A 🔗, it’s better to keep quiet and let people think you’re dumb, rather than prove it publicly.

Feb 3: Australian political donations Liberal party received $4.1m in donations from property tycoon's company ↝ 💰
jan 24: Bushfires, ash rain, dust storms and flash floods: two weeks in apocalyptic Australia

*More photos 🔗 here 🔗 and here 🔗. “This is normal,” says climate denier.

jan 22:  UK climate scientist corrects Australian MP Craig Kelly's 'blatant misrepresentation' ↝

*Scientist whose paper Kelly trusted to use in incorrectly proving his point (because you know, he’s a furniture salesman 🔗 who had to blackmail his way into retaining his seat 🔗) calls him out on his lack of comprehension and brain cells.

jan 21: Scott Morrison says the government is acting on emissions. Is it true? ↝ 🌶
jan 21: Australian economic forecast hit by bushfires, low wage rises and high household debt ↝

*Cost of inaction for those who only look at economics. But no, let’s not work for the greater good if it means mining magntaes and corrupt politicians make less money. Let’s not work for the greater good in hopes the trickle down effect isn’t a colossal lie. 

jan 20: RBA told to 'mobilise all forces' to save the economy from climate change ↝ 🌶

*The Bank for International Settlements, which acts as the central bank to the world's central banks, warns the RBA they may have to buy up coal mines and fossil-fuel power stations as part of extraordinary actions to save the economy from climate change-induced financial disaster.

jan 19: Behind the smokescreen, the Coalition's stance on climate change hasn't changed at all ↝ 🌶 🤥

*Because ‘resilience and adaptation’ 🔗 is code for bandaid solutions, hypocrtically paralleled with ignoring warnings from scientists 🔗; rejecting calls from state government 🔗 and fire chiefs 🔗urging for gameplans. It’s virtue signalling without addressing the core issue. It’s one thing to do nothing, it’s another to actively work against climate action 🔗; defending emissions culprits 🔗; sabotaging 🔗 and burying action plans 🔗.

jan 18: Scott Morrison's Pentecostal beliefs have affected Liberal Party policies ↝ 💩
jan 18: Sir David Attenborough hits out at Australia's climate platform amid global 'moment of crisis' ↝
jan 16: Check out what your local MP voted for and against ↝ 🌶
jan 16: Bridget McKenzie's sport grant cash splash is a particularly brazen example of pork-barrelling ↝ 💰🤥

*Lack of moral compass 🔗 even Hanson called out 🔗. Resign now 🔗. Of course the corrupt 🔗 would lie in the same bed 🔗and investigate themselves 🔗.  McKenzie had no legal power 🔗. Revisit Labor’s Ros Kelly forced to quit over sports scandal in 1994 🔗 and discuss the disparity of consequences 🔗.

jan 15: James Murdoch blasts News Corp's 'ongoing climate change denial' ↝ 🌶 🤥
jan 11: The truth about Australia's fires — arsonists aren't responsible for many this season ↝ 
jan 11: Government buried climate risk action plan ↝ 💰🤥
jan 11: Line-by-line breakdown of The Australian editorial ↝ 🤥
jan 10: How The Australian took Meraiah Foley’s words and twisted them for their own purposes ↝ 🤥
jan 10: AFP eyes case of author Bruce Pascoe’s indigenous identity ↝ 👮🏻‍♂️

*Honestly, I don’t know much about Bruce Pascoe 🔗, but I do know Peter Dutton is a morally bankrupt, fascist dictator who lost his bid for the top job in the last leadership spill 🔗because he couldn’t count.

jan 10: Residents in NSW towns 'angry and afraid' of giant tinderbox [from logging and deforestation] on their doorstep ↝
jan 10: Scott Morrison rejects criticism of climate policies as MPs call for more action ↝ 💰🤥

*The cost of arroagance and inaction 🔗.

jan 9:  Australia was warned again and again and again ↝ 🌶
jan 8: How Rupert Murdoch is influencing Australia’s bushfire debate ↝ 🤥
jan 8: Hazard reduction not a panacea, RFS boss Shane Fitzsimmons says ↝

*The real reason for fuel on the ground is logging and deforestation 🔗. Discussion: We should be wary of people advocating land clearing 🔗.

jan 7: Do your homework, give cash and avoid scams: how to donate to Australia's bushfire crisis ↝

*Give cash 🔗. Out of control donations 🔗. Stop donating goods directly 🔗.

jan 7: 'You are a climate denier': Craig Kelly in car crash British TV interview over bushfire crisis ↝ 💩

*Threatened to “bring down [his side of] the government” if his seat was challenged 🔗. Misogynist disgrace 🔗

jan 6: How a climate change study from 12 years ago warned of this horror bushfire season

*Garnaut Climate Change Review, 2008 🔗. More from Ross Garnaut 🔗.

jan 5: Scott Morrison released a political TV advertisement outlining his governments response to the crisis ↝ 🤥

*Piers Morgan a broken conservative clock and the UK’s equivalent of Alan Jones, has more sense than the #CrimeMinister, ProMo.

jan 5: RFS Commissioner was not notified before Scott Morrison announced the commitment of 3000 army reservists
jan 4: Morrison says the federal government will agree to a request made 18 months ago to permanently increase funding to Australia’s aerial firefighting capacity ↝ 💩

*Reactive, instead of proactive. Putting climate aside, your birthstone must be crystal meth if you argue against a sustainable future with proper disaster planning and management 🔗 and leadership with foresight — like Labor’s $101 million fleet, if they had won 🔗 as opposed to Morrison rejecting a fleet expansion 🔗.

jan 4: "Tell the Prime Minister to go and get fucked" - Firefighter from Nelligen, NSW ↝ 🌶

*A folk hero 🔗 by the New York Times.

jan 3: Scott Morrison claims firefighter who lost his house in the fires is "just tired" after forcefully shaking his hand ↝ 💩
jan 2: Scott Morrison turns his back on woman who lost everything in the fires, after forcefully shaking her hand ↝ 💩

*Even his Liberal MPs don’t back him 🔗.

jan 2: Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison criticised for hosting backyard cricket while nation burns ↝ 💩
jan 2: PM Scott Morrison defends climate policies and asks Australians to be 'patient' over fires ↝ 💩🤥
jan 1: Scott Morrison claims there is "no better place to raise kids" as Australia burns ↝ 🤥
jan 1: Ironic how Victorians are fleeing Mallacoota by boat ↝

💰Corruption; vested interests   🤥 Willful ignorance; dishonesty   💩 Incompetence; poor form   👮🏻‍♂️ Abuse of power; fascism; tyranny   🌶 Hot; good to know    💰Corruption; vested interests   🤥 Willful ignorance; dishonesty   💩 Incompetence; poor form   👮🏻‍♂️ Abuse of power; fascism; tyranny   🌶 Hot; good to know