jan 19: Behind the smokescreen, the Coalition's stance on climate change hasn't changed at all ↝ 🌶
*Because ‘resilience and adaptation’ 🔗 is code for bandaid solutions at the same time as not heeding warnings from scientists 🔗nor calls from fire chiefs to plan said resilience and adaptation 🔗. It’s virtue signalling without addressing the core issue, our emissions. It’s one thing to do nothing, it’s another to actively work against climate action 🔗by sabotaging 🔗and burying action plans 🔗.
jan 18: Scott Morrison's Pentecostal beliefs have affected Liberal Party policies ↝
jan 18: Sir David Attenborough hits out at Australia's climate platform amid global 'moment of crisis' ↝
jan 16: Check out what your local MP voted for and against ↝ 🍏
jan 16: Bridget McKenzie's sport grant cash splash is a particularly brazen example of pork-barrelling ↝ 💰
*Lack of moral compass 🔗 even Hanson called out 🔗. Resign now 🔗. Discuss the disparity of consequences 🔗.

jan 15: James Murdoch blasts News Corp's 'ongoing climate change denial' ↝ 🌶
jan 11: The truth about Australia's fires — arsonists aren't responsible for many this season ↝ 💰
jan 11: Government buried climate risk action plan ↝ 
jan 11: Line-by-line breakdown of The Australian editorial ↝ 🤥
jan 10: How The Australian took Meraiah Foley’s words and twisted them for their own purposes ↝
jan 10: AFP eyes case of author Bruce Pascoe’s indigenous identity ↝
*Honestly, I don’t know much about Bruce Pascoe 🔗, but I do know Peter Dutton is a morally bankrupt, fascist dictator who lost his bid for the top job in the last leadership spill 🔗because he couldn’t count.
jan 10: Residents in NSW towns 'angry and afraid' of giant tinderbox [from logging and deforestation] on their doorstep ↝
jan 10: Scott Morrison rejects criticism of climate policies as MPs call for more action ↝
*The cost of arroagance and inaction 🔗.
jan 9:  Australia was warned again and again and again ↝ 🌶
*Good summary.
jan 8: How Rupert Murdoch is influencing Australia’s bushfire debate ↝ 
jan 8: Hazard reduction not a panacea, RFS boss Shane Fitzsimmons says ↝
*The real reason for fuel on the ground is logging and deforestation 🔗. Discussion: We should be wary of people advocating land clearing 🔗.
jan 7: Do your homework, give cash and avoid scams: how to donate to Australia's bushfire crisis ↝
*Give cash 🔗. Out of control donations 🔗. Stop donating goods directly 🔗.
jan 7: 'You are a climate denier': Craig Kelly in car crash British TV interview over bushfire crisis ↝
*Threatened to “bring down [his side of] the government” if his seat was challenged 🔗. Misogynist disgrace 🔗.
jan 6: How a climate change study from 12 years ago warned of this horror bushfire season
*Garnaut Climate Change Review, 2008 🔗. More from Ross Garnaut 🔗.
jan 5: Scott Morrison released a political TV advertisement outlining his governments response to the crisis
*Piers Morgan a broken conservative clock and the UK’s equivalent of Alan Jones, has more sense than ProMo.
jan 5: RFS Commissioner was not notified before Scott Morrison announced the commitment of 3000 army reservists
jan 4: Morrison says the federal government will agree to a request made 18 months ago to permanently increase funding to Australia’s aerial firefighting capacity
*Reactive, instead of proactive. Putting climate aside, your birthstone must be crystal meth if you argue against a sustainable future with proper disaster planning and management 🔗 and leadership with foresight — like Labor’s $101 million fleet, if they had won 🔗 as opposed to Morrison rejecting a fleet expansion 🔗.
jan 4: "Tell the Prime Minister to go and get fucked" - Firefighter from Nelligen, NSW
*A folk hero 🔗 by the New York Times.
jan 3: Scott Morrison claims firefighter who lost his house in the fires is "just tired" after forcefully shaking his hand
jan 2: Scott Morrison turns his back on woman who lost everything in the fires, after forcefully shaking her hand
*Even his Liberal MPs don’t back him 🔗.
jan 2: Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison criticised for 'hosting backyard cricket while nation burns
jan 2: PM Scott Morrison defends climate policies and asks Australians to be 'patient' over fires
jan 1: Scott Morrison claims there is "no better place to raise kids" as Australia burns ↝ 
jan 1: Ironic how Victorians are fleeing Mallacoota by boat ↝

💰Corruption; vested interests; deception   ⛱ Willful ignorance; head in sand   👮🏻‍♂️ Fascism; abuse of power   🌶 Hot   🍏 Other resource   🥚 Good sense   💰Corruption; vested interests; deception   ⛱ Willful ignorance; head in sand   👮🏻‍♂️ Fascism; abuse of power   🌶 Hot   🍏 Other resource   🥚 Good sense