Green Specs is a collaboration between Allianz and The Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) – a jargon-filled PDF guide for industry professionals and building practioners seeking to improve the sustainable performance of residential homes.

It didn’t make sense to exclude the residents (homeowners), vital decision-makers in this ecosystem and one of Allianz’s largest customer segments. We brought them into the picture and made the product relevant to them.

Balancing creative, UX & WCAG
A large part of my role was advisary – working between advertising creatives and Allianz’s UX and accessibility teams to bridge the gap between form and function.

The initial creative execution was visualised true to concept – blueprints turning green with 3D to 2D zoom changes. Forgetting the reality that architectural plans aren’t actually blue and the visual fatigue such an interface would present on different devices, it was apparent the creative vision wouldn’t meet usability benchmarks, neither would it work with Allianz’s established accessibility requirements.

enabled user control
To keep creative vision as well as support different cognitive retention and accessibility levels, we simplified plan views and gave users the option to switch between Plan or Grid view, with larger viewports adding an additional Split view for those who prefer both.

We also included Dark and Light modes to ease visual fatigue.

launch stats and iteration
A month in with nearly 30,000 visits, a notably high bounce rate found users weren’t moving past the landing animation to get into the actual experience. Unnecessarily giving the explainer video high priority – a ‘Watch explainer video’ button sitting alongside the core CTA to ‘Explore guides’, wasn’t helping. Without compromising existing creative and content, we shortened the animation time and automatically loaded the main interface – keeping the existing copy and explainer video in a collapsed panel accessible when needed.

Furthermore, we’d like to add utility for Allianz customers to log in and save guides and access trusted industry partners to put plan into action with connections facilitated by Allianz.

2023  Turning a PDF into an accessible reference point  Work  UX, UI, Accessibility  Made at  TBWA  With  Creative by Matt Corcoran & Kristen Twigg; Code by Fewd; Produced by Nev Gotla